Pinnacle is a 1:1 Coaching Programme for Leaders and Managers.

As you get more senior in an Organization, there are specific leadership development areas that are best addressed not in a classroom,  but 1:1, as a personalized, longer term intervention.

Pinnacle Leadership Coaching is designed to help the leader identify their areas of development and work on them over a 4 to 6 month period.

Take Charge is a 4 month Group Coaching intervention designed to help  women leaders / high potentials work together towards growth.

The small group size of 6 to 8 members ensures personal learning is high, and the participants learn from each other. Over 5 sessions, specific challenges identified by the group will be addressed using a group coaching methodology.

KAL AAJ AUR KAL is a half day career and development planning workshop. Beginning with the past, a structured process ensures participants are able to trace their path to where they are today, look into the future and chart their course going forward.The design ensures personal learning outcomes for every participant, even is larger group sizes.

It is very easily  integrated into a Company’s current development planning process.

Short awareness sessions on topics related to Diversity and Inclusion.

From the need to have a D&I Strategy, to dealing with work life balance, these awareness sessions provide information  downloads  to your chosen audience and can be tailored to suit a Company’s specific requirement.

Design of new policies and review of current systems to support Diversity & Inclusion.